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The Before

There’s a lot of planning and organizing to be done in advance. A concept has to be created including what the mood of the photoshoot should be, what the set and location should look like, as well as the hair and makeup style.
When the concept is approved, location, talent, a stylist, props, outfit and jewelry combinations have to be sorted out and booked. The list is long, guys. On top: If the shoot is somewhere else than in Mannheim, travel and accommodation for the production team are added to that list.
Whew, now that the organizational part is done, the production day can come!

Who’s Coming Along


Our super talented Production Team consists of at least one photographer, a videographer as well as the Shooting Director – not to forget the model and a hair and makeup artist. Whenever possible, our Creative Director and someone from the lovely Design Team join the fun, too. Often a member of our Social Media Team also accompanies the Production Crew to record additional content for the different channels.


Early Birds


Our Production Team always starts with their preparations for the shoot in the early morning. The set has to be arranged, outfits and jewelry pieces laid out so that everything goes with the flow.


Let the Good Times Roll


When everything works nice and smooth, the atmosphere is buzzing, someone cracks a good joke and the model is having fun with us like stunning Beatrice Valli – that’s what we call a good production day. Also, some coffee & snacks are always a mood booster. Sometimes we are really lucky to call awesome furry colleagues out guests on set who brighten up the day with their smiles! Look at this fluffy cutie pie here. A distraction? Nope, that’s pure motivation on four paws!


It’s a Wrap


After a long eventful day, when the cameras are securely stored away, the snacks have been snacked and our lovely co-worker and talent of the day has left, our Production Team returns back home to tackle the post production work. The final result is what you can see on our website, as well as Social Media channels.

Last but not least the team gets ready for the next shoot, because: After production day is before production day. 

A big Mahalo to our hardworking Production Team who’s always up for a laugh – you rock, guys!



Janine Feid


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