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Effective skincare products for a radiant complexion

We at PURELEI present to you the latest innovation: PURELEI BEAUTY. Because we not only want to enhance your look with sparkling jewelry but also your skin through PURELEI BEAUTY.

Our new cosmetics line stands for effectively formulated skincare products with high-quality ingredients that focus on both sustainable strengthening of your skin barrier and sun protection.

The idea for PURELEI BEAUTY arose from personal experiences, as it all began with Co-Founder Alisa's travels to Hawaii. The strong sunlight of the paradisiacal environment inspired the development of products that are versatile and easy to use, protecting against UV rays while giving the skin the glow of a refreshed look – as if fresh from vacation.

With our products, you can give yourself and your skin daily self-care moments with regenerating products, strengthen your skin barrier, and integrate the relaxing vacation feeling into your everyday life. Because our goal is for you to feel completely comfortable in your skin.

Good to know: Our products have been formulated for a variety of skin types and needs with highly effective ingredients for your daily routine that strengthens your skin in the long term.

The great thing about PURELEI BEAUTY products is that they are vegan, cruelty-free, free from potentially irritating ingredients, and dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.


Ceramide Barrier Repair Booster

The lightweight, fast-absorbing Ceramide Barrier Repair Booster, suitable for all skin types, strengthens and protects your skin barrier. It provides your skin with long-lasting moisture and is ideal as a base for your makeup. Additionally, the serum with the five essential ceramides ensures smooth skin and supports the long-term regeneration of your skin barrier. The result: a natural glow.

Ceramide Barrier Repair Cream

Compared to the Ceramide Barrier Repair Booster, the Ceramide Barrier Repair Cream is richer and therefore particularly suitable for very dry to dry skin. It provides long-lasting moisture through ceramide complex and essential fatty acids, supports your skin barrier, and has a soothing effect. Nourishing oils also ensure smooth skin and protect against drying out. However, the cream leaves no unpleasant oily residue but absorbs quickly.

SPF50 Daily Protect Cream

Our lightweight SPF50 Daily Protect Cream is distinguished by its high broad-spectrum sun protection and can also replace your daily care. This facial day cream for dry to normal skin, with glycerin, ectoin, and hyaluronic acid, protects and nourishes while providing moisture to the skin. When it comes to sun protection, it was important for us to create a lightweight texture that leaves no greasy or white residue.

SPF50+ Peptide Lip Care

Our fortifying SPF50+ lip care with peptides protects your lips from UV radiation with very high broad-spectrum sun protection and makes them look more nourished and fuller. The moisturizing formula instantly gives the lips a shiny appearance and a touch of color. Intensive moisture for dry lips.

Choose your favorite from 3 shades: Nani - Rosé, Aloha - Nude, Mana - Berry. You can also intensify the colors by applying lip liner or lipstick beforehand.

Discover now with PURELEI BEAUTY products the answer to your skincare needs: skincare products that protect your skin daily from UV rays and build and sustainably strengthen your skin barrier.

We look forward to enriching your daily beauty routine with PURELEI BEAUTY and making your skin shine. Learn more now at PURELEI BEAUTY.

PURELEI BEAUTY – Pure relaxation for your skin

Iris Hörner


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