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How to style bicolor

In this blog post, we're gonna talk about one of the biggest trends for spring/summer 2024 and how you can actually style bicolor jewelry combos in real life! I will link my favorites below. 

Bicolor means "having two colors", build from the Greek word bi for two + colors. Just like in bisexual, bilingual or bikini. 

So, the really cool thing about bicolor styles right now is that pretty much anything goes – as long as you mix up two colors. For a while, there was only either gold or silver jewelry, and no one really considered combining gold and silver as a good option. 

Luckily, that's not the case anymore. You might start liking it even if you didn't before. What I love most about the bicolor style is is that it is so effortless! You really don't have to do much to create an interesting outfit. 

You can easily opt for a more casual look by getting your favorite jewelry pieces in gold and silver, and for a more stylish look by choosing designs that are already championing the bicolor trend. If you love bicolor jewelry you need to check out the Fusion Collection

Mixing up the styles within your outfit can often help you create the look you want. We tend to shop for one particular style, repeatedly buying the same type of items we already own, resulting in everything being in the same look. This could the reason why you find a particular outfit just ... bla. For some people, this might be exactly what they want. But if you find yourself in that situation and want to spice things up, mixing gold elements with silver elements can help you turn a boring outfit into a special one. Discover our collection of jewelry pieces that we love to combine to create a trendy bicolor layering

PURELEI jewelry is perfect for layering styles, and mixing gold and silver gives us even more options to get creative and express ourselves with unique jewelry combinations. 

Tag us on IG so we can find your bicolor jewelry combinations or leave your thoughts on this trend in the comment section below.



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