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Chiara Lippke
Wie Du Schmuck reinigen kannst

Who doesn’t love shiny new jewelry? As you know we want our jewelry to stay beautiful for as long as possible. That’s why nearly all PURELEI jewelry pieces are made of stainless steel and sealed with a special coating that makes them resistant, waterproof and prevents tarnishing. Nevertheless, to maintain its beauty you should take care of it and clean it regularly.

Let us show you how to clean your jewelry in four easy steps.

You need: A soft cloth or microfibre cloth, a bowl filled with lukewarm water as well as a few drops of mild soap. 

Step 1: Fill a glass bowl with lukewarm water.

Step 2: Add a few drops of mild soap.

Step 3: Depending on the hardness of the dirt you can leave the jewelry pieces soak for about 10 to 30 minutes. 

Step 4: Take the jewelry out and rinse it with cold water. Dry and polish it carefully by using the soft cloth and make sure that it is completely dry to prevent annoying water spots on the surface. 

Now your jewelry pieces look brand new and glossy again. If you want to be 10000% sure it stays that way, we have some more tips for you:

  • Although our stainless steel jewelry is very resistant it’s best to be stored in a jewelry box or placed on a decorative jewelry stand in a room without high humidity.
  • To make sure that the gold plating of your jewelry will stay intact we would advice you to keep your jewelry away from chemicals, perfume or beauty products and put it on after your daily beauty routine.
  • Take it off before showering, exercising or swimming. Our jewelry is waterproof, but nevertheless the gold plating can be affected by sweat, water, and even more by the chlorine in a swimming pool, after time.

We want you to have fun with your PURELEI jewelry for a long, long time. Hopefully, our tips help you to maintain its brandnew-state for as long as possible. Also, we can tell you that it’s a really rewarding feeling when your jewelry is freshly cleaned – it’s the same feeling when you have deep-cleaned your home and you just sit there, proud of yourself, how tidy and nice it looks now.  

What are you waiting for? Let’s start cleaning your all-time favorites and make them beautiful again! 



Chiara Lippke


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