Let's Talk Female Empowerment

Laura Hock
Lass uns über Female Empowerment reden

Female Empowerment is one of *the* trending words on the internet, and especially around World Women’s Day and other significant events this strong phrase is – and we’re so glad it is – almost everywhere, spreading its magic (or better: truth?) rapidly. 

We’ve all heard, and promoted it, but what exactly does Female Empowerment mean? Where does the term come from, and why is it so important? 

There are many models that address the concept of Female Empowerment, and obviously many diverse perspectives on it. It is a concept that exists on many levels, from an individual to a societal dimension as well as in-between dimensions. Being a worldwide social and historical phenomenon, it is a term of great importance and complexity. 

From what I’ve found, and my very humble opinion, Female Empowerment includes the following: 

– Promoting women’s sense of self-worth 

– The ability to determine their own choices 

– The right to influence social change as well as the opportunity to redefine gender roles

– Reflecting and accepting women’s viewpoints and to take them seriously

– Raising the status of women through education, awareness, literacy and training

– Focussing on the similarities women have instead of seeing each other as competition 

… and many more. 
 To me, Female Empowerment aims to achieve the freedom of pursuing desired goals, whatever they may look like. It means the ability to take control, to be active about choices and to demand opportunities.

It is a brave movement and there is no right or wrong definition to it, it is both a concept with a clear vision and a concept that is open to anyone willing to join it. 

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What does Female Empowerment mean to you? 
I am happy to hear your thoughts on it or read about your favorite quotes in the comment section! 

Love Lauri 


Laura Hock


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