The Cornwall Surf Series: Meet Sarah and Sophie

Laura Hock
The Cornwall Surf Series: Lerne Sarah and Sophie kennen

Surf is where you find it. 

Their van, a campfire and living by the ocean is all they need. 

"We have everything we need in here to head out for the whole day."

No bad waves.

I've always been someone who daydreams a lot. And we probably all miss traveling, especially being at the beach, right now. But what is it, besides the sun in our face and the sand between our toes, that makes traveling so addictive, and Sarah's and Sophie's story so inspiring? Freedom. To me, freedom is the right to live as we wish. The best part when thinking about it? I figured, for myself, that you don't even need much for it. When packing for holidays, what do you pick? Your favorite clothing items, a few essentials, maybe a book. But not too much, and you're always making sure it fits your suitcase with even a little space left for some souvenirs from your trip. And when you're on holidays, what do you miss? Exactly. Probably not much, if at all. 

Enjoy watching their story in our second clip of the Cornwall Surf Series:

A few minutes of zen. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 



Laura Hock


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