RECAP: We're Filling a Truck to Ukraine

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Laura Hock
RECAP: Wir beladen einen LKW für die Ukraine


Last Thursday, the hopeful news reached us: Our team was able to organize a truck that would carry humanitarian aid en route to Ukraine. 

Our co-founder Alisa and the entire Team PURELEI got really excited immediately. Besides donating a fix sum to the Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund, this meant that we would actually be able to manage and see where our donations would go to, and it also meant to provide everyone else willing to help to provide them an opportunity to do so. Then it all went really fast. We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback. The minute we announced the news, the first people showed up bringing in warm blankets, hygiene products, baby food and more items desperately needed in Ukrainian crisis zones. We are aware of the fact that our social media reach comes with great responsibility, and we're always happy to use it for good.

The more we share, the more we have.

If you have the chance to visit a donation collection point near you, go there. It feels so good to actually do something with your own hands. From what we've heard, it's important that the food you bring will remain stable for at least 6 months and that clothes are in good condition only. Also, what's needed might change overnight, so ask the collection points what they have collected so far and what they need the most. 

Aloha Tomorrow 

If you've been following our journey since a while now, you probably know that we love doing donations campaigns supporting different causes and organizations worldwide. While we're always happy to give back to Hawaii, the islands that inspire us the most, we're also always trying to support the people who are in need the most. With our new Power Woman accessories that launched today, March 8 for International Women's Day (or, as I prefer to call it "Anti-Patriarchy Day"), we want to raise even more money to support the people fleeing from war in Ukraine. That's why we decided to host one of our most dedicated donation campaigns in the PURELEI history and donate 100% of the net proceeds to an international charity supporting such cause. I'll link the accessories for you below, if you want to shop with a warm heart today.

Sending you lots of love and peace



Laura Hock


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