PURELEI Love Story 3/3 – Family

Chiara Lippke
PURELEI Love Story 3/3 – Familie

What’s the definition of unconditional love? The love of parents for their children and vice versa. We all know the proverb “blood is thicker than water”, and fortunately, for the majority of us it’s true. We’d do anything for our parents and siblings, our family, and love them no matter what. 

Exactly this kind of love is the one we wanted to share with you, our PURELEI Fam. That’s why we had Aurora and her little cutie-pie of a daughter, Philia, with us for the Loving Heart Collection photoshoot. While Philia drew some colorful pictures we asked Aurora about her love for her daughter. It was heartwarming to see their connection, how the boundless love between the two of them lit up the room. 

Aurora, what does love mean to you, in relation to your daughter?

Unconditionality. No matter what my children do, or don't do, the love never ends. 

How would you describe love in a few words?

Selflessness, depth, honesty, sincerity, and being able to let yourself go. 

What does Philia mean to you? 

Everything. I can't even put into words what she means to me. I would do anything for her. When we wake up in the morning and I get to look into her face it’s already a good day. 

How would you describe your daughter? 

She’s wild, open-minded, loving and sweet.  

When we asked Philia how much she loves her Mom she showed us all her adorable little fingers, as well as her toes, and said, “Thiiiiiis much.”  That’s exactly the moment our hearts melted. Do you have children? If so, please tell us more about how they light up your daily life in the comment section. We can’t wait to read your heartwarming stories!

“There’s no safer haven than a mother’s arms.”

When was the last time you told your parents and siblings that you love them? How about today: Meet up, call or text them, and don’t forget to send them one of our beautiful, and free, #spreadlove postcards to make them smile when they open the mailbox. 

Team PURELEI is wishing you and your loved ones a happy Valentine’s Day. However you spend it, whether with your love interest, family, friends, or the love of your life, make sure to tell them how much they mean to you & never forget to #spreadlove. 




Chiara Lippke


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