PURELEI Love Story 1/3 – Friendship

Chiara Lippke
PURELEI Love Story 1/3 – Freundschaft

For our Loving Heart Collection, it was key to spread love and feel love. We wanted it to be represented by people, who truly love each other. That is how our PURELEI Love Stories came to life with three amazing couples that we will introduce you to in the coming weeks. Actually, it was quite an emotional roller coaster for our Production Team, as the set was filled with so much love and emotion. You better get your handkerchiefs ready for when you watch the videos!

Today you’ll get to know Nardos & Viet, they are best friends for years, or as they would say: family. They do everything together, they are colleagues, live in the same house and spend nearly every day together. We’ve talked to them about love as well as their strong friendship, here’s what they said.

Viet, what does love mean to you?

Love means to me: security, trust, warm-hearted feeling, family, and of course friendship.  

What does Nardos mean to you?

Nardos is not only my best friend, but she’s also family to me because we always support each other. I have 100% trust in her – and a lot of love for her. I know, if everything is going wrong, she is there to back me up. 

Can you describe Nardos in just a few words?

Honest, loyal, positive energy, queen of manifesting, and of course she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known. 

What does friendship mean to you?

Friendship means a lot of trust to me. If I call somebody a friend it’s not somebody I've known for a short time only, it’s somebody I’m having within my heart. A friend is someone with whom I can share the good and the bad things in life. Friendship is really important to me, that’s why I call a lot of my friends also my family – because I keep them in my heart.

You better get ready for pure emotion that’ll make your heart dance. We have asked Viet to write a love letter and read it to his best friend Nardos. 


Nardos, how would you describe love in three words?

Love is free, love is caring and love is joy. 

What does Viet mean to you as a friend?

Viet is everything you are looking for in another person. If I have good times, bad times, if I want to go partying or if I want to cry – Viet is always there for me. He is just truly himself and just fits perfectly to me. He’s my best friend, I got pure love for him. 

Complete this sentence: Viet as a friend is…

Viet is supportive, he’s always there, he’s always funny. 

What does friendship mean to you? 

To me, friendship means that you have someone who really cares for you, who’s honest, who loves you, and who you can always rely on. Like family but maybe even a bit tighter because you choose this person. It’s like a family you choose.

I guess we all can relate to the amazing friendship of Nardos & Viet. I actually teared up a little when I’ve first seen the video of them – it really made me smile and I immediately wanted to hug my bestie.

If this made you also realize, that you don’t say to your loved ones often enough how much they mean to you: Do it NOW and spread love with us! Click here to send them a free postcard, tell them that you love them, and make them smile. 

Sending you lots of love,



Chiara Lippke


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