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Chiara Lippke
PURELEI Schmuck für Kinder

To all our jewelry-loving mothers, aunts, and big sisters out there – we are thrilled to announce something special: PURELEI’s first Kids Collection! This collection features playful jewelry for the favorite little humans in your life. 

As parents ourselves, with co-founders Alisa, Freddy, and Etienne leading the way, and with many Team PURELEI members embarking on their own parenting journeys, we've poured our hearts into creating fun jewelry designs for children. 

Kalea Heart Kids Necklace, Sun Kids Necklace, Kalea Kids Necklace, Shell Kids Cotton Bracelet


You’ll be happy to see that the jewelry designs for the Kids Collection match our bestsellers, such as the Kalea Necklace, Sun Necklace, or Kalea Heart Necklace – just in the perfect size for children. To infuse even more fun and playfulness into these pieces, our two bracelets add a burst of color. With charming sun and seashell designs, our Kids Collection radiates pure Aloha vibes, bringing the spirit of Hawaii to your little ones.


Of course, PURELEI’s children’s jewelry is made to last. We understand that kids are natural explorers and adventurers. That's why our children's jewelry is designed to withstand the little rascal’s energetic escapades. You don’t have to worry, knowing that our jewelry won't lose its color, no matter how much they swim, play, or have fun. Just like all PURELEI jewelry pieces, the Kids Collection is made from stainless steel and is 18 K gold-plated, making it not only beautiful but also waterproof and long-lasting.

Sun Kids Cotton Bracelet


We’ve also added a playful touch to the jewelry box the Kids Collection comes in. It shows a magical underwater scene featuring a turtle, jellyfish, and more. They can let their creativity flow by coloring it in with their favorite colors, adding an extra layer of joy to the unboxing experience.

Shell Kids Earrings, Kalea Kids Necklace, Sun Kids Necklace


As mentioned before, the kid’s jewelry designs match some of our bestsellers – which means you can get matching necklaces for yourself and your little ones! Imagine the sheer cuteness of you and your child(ren) both wearing the Sun Necklace or Kalea Heart Necklace, with one featuring bigger pendants and the other sporting smaller ones. It's a beautiful way to share a connection through jewelry. So, if your child has always loved your PURELEI jewelry styles, you can now get them their own jewelry and match it with your look. 


Our Kids Collection jewelry pieces are the perfect gift for the favorite little humans in your life. Whether you’re the beloved aunt whose jewelry they've always admired, a big sister looking to share a special gift with your younger siblings, or a mother seeking to celebrate the deep bond between you and your children with matching jewelry styles – the PURELEI Kids Collection has what you've been searching for. Your children will adore their new jewelry just as much as you'll cherish the moments you share wearing matching pieces.

Do you already have a special little human in mind who you want to surprise with a piece from the Kids Collection? We can’t wait to hear about it in the comment section below.

Chiara Lippke


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