Mother's Day DIYs

Chiara Lippke
Mother's Day DIYs

On May 8 we are celebrating all the wonderful, powerful mothers out there. When it comes to us, every day is Mother’s Day, as there shouldn’t be a day where we are not showing love to the people we love – especially our mothers. However, let’s use Mother’s Day to make our moms smile and show them how much they mean to us. 

"Mother's love is bliss, is peace." - Erich Fromm

Invite your mom for brunch, decorate with her favorite flowers, surprise her with a personalized necklace and spend quality time with her. How about getting creative and creating something beautiful yourself? We thought you might like to try these easy and beautiful DIY ideas for Mother’s Day (of course not only for Mother’s Day, but any occasion). 


Your mom loves reading books or magazines? Then this pretty Macrame bookmark is a perfect little gift for her. 

What you need:

  • Macrame yarn
  • Scissors 
  • Tape
  • Comb

  1. Cut 8 cords, each 1.2 m long
  2. Tape them to the work surface and leave out a few centimeters of cord at the top for the fringes
  3. Tie a square knot with the four left cords as shown in the video
    Important: You need to firmly tighten the knots
  4. Put the two left cords aside
  5. Use the two other cords from your previous square knot and tie a new square knot by adding two more cords from the right
  6. Again, put the two cords from the left aside and tie a square knot by adding the two last cords from the right
  7. Repeat these steps from right to left and back to right in order to create a zigzag pattern
  8. Leave a few centimeters of loose cord at the end
  9. Comb out the fringes and cut them to your desired length

DIY FLOWER CANDLES BY @juliatothefullest

Decorate your Mother's Day brunch table with these pretty flower candles or gift them to your mother. 

What you need:

  • Flowers
  • Candles
  • Two pieces of paper
  • Flat iron
  • Tea light 
  • Tweezers
  • Brush
  1. Dry the flowers in advance in between two pieces of paper inside a book, or use the trick with the flat iron shown in the video
  2. Light the tea light 
  3. Place one of the flowers onto your candle and attach it by carefully applying liquid wax from the tea light with a brush 
  4. Repeat as often as you like until you are happy with the result  


This super easy and colorful gift wrapping DIY completes your Mother's Day gift and radiates pure Aloha vibes. 

What you need:

  • PURELEI square jewelry box 
  • Orange colored gift wrapping paper, 21 x 21 cm
  • Purple paper
  • Small gift or personal note
  • Gift ribbon 
  • Tape
  • Scissors

  1. Cut a piece of orange colored wrapping paper to 21 x 21 cm and wrap it around the PURELEI box
  2. Tape the upper half of the paper to the square box 
  3. Follow the folding instructions in the video
  4. Cut the purple paper as seen in the video to create an envelope with a final size of 7 x 5 cm
  5. Fold the envelope and put a small gift, like earrings, or a personal note inside
  6. Tuck the envelope into the folded wrapping paper
  7. Add a gift ribbon 

Let us know in the comments how you celebrate Mother's Day, or whether you rather like to celebrate your loved ones every day. <3 



Chiara Lippke


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    Chiara von PURELEI on days ago

    Aloha liebe Laura! Danke für Deinen Kommentar, ich wünsche Dir ganz viel Spaß beim Nachmachen der DIYs. Übrigens findest Du diese und noch viele weitere DIYs und Styling Ideen auf unserem Pinterest Kanal: Liebe Grüße Chiara

  • L🌺

    Laura 🌺 on days ago

    Wieder ein toller Beitrag und ich denke ich werde da sicher was nachmachen. 😍🌺

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