Our Smallest Mother’s Day Concert

Laura Hock
Unser kleinstes Muttertagskonzert

This Mother's Day has been extra special ... 

It's been the second Mother's Day during lockdown, but we didn't want to miss the chance to celebrate this special occasion! So, we came up with our "The Smallest Mother's Day Concert" campaign, hosting first a giveaway and then a concert for eight moms and their families. 

Someone extra special deserves something extra special, right? 


Those who know us know that we're good at the following: Celebrating, living Aloha and events! Our parties are legendary and we seriously can't wait to be together again with our loved ones. Until then, well, we have to get creative! And this is exactly what we did for our Mother's Day special. 

Spread love & Aloha ... not Covid! We were able to host the smallest Mother's Day concert on Mother's Day – outside and with everyone tested! Thanks to a detailed hygiene concept, we celebrated the women we look up to most in a safe yet exciting way: our moms.  

And here's how it went:

I hope you enjoyed watching this video as much as I did. 

Until then don't forget: Every day is Mother's Day. Besides, life is too short to not let someone know they're special to you. Tell them, now.

Love Lauri 

Laura Hock


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