Mahina Club Waves of Empowerment Edition

Mahina Club Exclusive
Chiara Lippke
Mahina Club Waves of Empowerment Edition

For World Women's Day 2024, we wanted to whip up something special to celebrate you and all the incredible women in our lives: introducing the Mahina Club Waves of Empowerment Edition. Inspired by the fluid motion of waves, this design embodies women's ongoing evolution and resilience everywhere. It's all about change, strength, resilience, and women's indispensable contributions in every aspect of life. This edition fuses elegance with empowerment to add an extra touch of flair to every outfit.

Be the Wave of Empowerment

Our Waves of Empowerment Edition jewelry set pays tribute to the women who shape our daily lives. Wear these pieces with pride, letting them remind you that every day is an opportunity to honor yourself and the extraordinary women around you. It's a reminder that International Women's Day isn't just a once-a-year thing—it's an everyday affair. So own it, own your skills, and carry that vibe out into the world.

The necklace and bracelet in the Waves of Empowerment Edition feature intertwined snake chains, drawing inspiration from the ocean's waves, and giving off a beautiful shimmer. The effortless elegance of the Swirl Jewelry Set adds that special touch to any outfit is easy to mix and match, and is sure to become your new everyday go-to. Join the Mahina Club now.

Get the Perfect Everyday Look

To complement the Waves of Empowerment Edition set, we've crafted the Swirl Earrings with the same wave-inspired design. They're just the right size for daily wear. Check out the Swirl Earrings matching the Mahina Club Waves of Empowerment Edition in our online shop and complete your look.

Meet Lisa & Jana

Introducing the Waves of Empowerment Edition are Lisa and Jana, both part of Team PURELEI. For Lisa, celebrating women isn't about one specific day but every day. She firmly believes that by supporting each other and believing in our abilities, we can change the world.

You might already know Jana from our live shopping events or past Mahina Club editions. For her, it's crucial that women learn from each other and support one another at all times and occasions because women can offer each other tremendous support.

Chiara Lippke


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