Mahina Club Shine Bright Edition

Mahina Club Exclusive
Iris Hörner
Mahina Club Shine Bright Edition

A Statement of Your Inner Beauty!

Be inspired by the unique Mahina Club Shine Bright Edition, which perfectly reflects your inner glow on the outside. Lovingly presented by our Mahina Club team, this edition is more than just a jewelry set – it's a statement!

Meet the Mahina Club Team:

With this edition, we introduce you to our fantastic Mahina Club team, consisting of the wonderful women – BIANCA, LISA-MICHELLE, ALESSA, and VANESSA – who have made it their daily task to bring you joy and happy moments month after month. Whether it's BIANCA's love for cozy evenings and her Sphynx cats, LISA-MICHELLE's constant companionship with her GPS, ALESSA's wanderlust taking her to places like Tulum and Key West, or VANESSA's love for snacks at events – each of them brings their own uniqueness and shine to the Mahina Club. Learn more about them, their favorite jewelry pieces, and their personal fun facts in the booklet of this Mahina Club edition!

Why You'll Love the Shine Bright Edition:

Shine brighter than ever with the October 2023 Mahina Club Shine Bright Edition. The collection inspires you to confidently show your light to the world and highlight your unique beauty with this special collection. Now is your time to shine!

The Shine Bright Edition embodies elegance paired with a hint of glamour. Whether you combine the Konani set with a casual outfit or an elegant evening look, you'll always succeed in showing your uniqueness.

A Look at the Shine Bright Edition:


Konani | Name of Hawaiian origin: Shiny, bright, luminous
The Konani Set radiates delicate elegance through its gemstones. The design of the pendant with three encased cubic zirconia stones is reflected in the earrings.

Radiant Jewelry: Our water-resistant jewelry collection is for everyone who wants to shine from the outside every day.

Diverse Selection: Whether gold, silver, or rose gold - there's something for every taste.

Konani Charm: Perfect your look with our Konani Charm available in the shop.

Goodie from Yeauty: Beautify your lips with the glamorous lip mask from YEAUTY included as a goodie.

More Than Just Jewelry – Become Part of the Mahina Club:

Did you know that the Mahina Club offers more than just beautiful jewelry? With flexible subscription options, individual preferences, and many other benefits, you'll quickly realize that this subscription is the best decision you've ever made. And the great thing? You can change your jewelry color at any time, skip certain editions, and choose from four different subscription models!

Check out our subscription models here


Your opinion is important to us! Share your feedback on the Shine Bright Edition here or by scanning our QR code in the booklet.

And which of our jewelry pieces make you shine the most? Let us know in the comments.

Iris Hörner


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