Join Our Plastic Free July Challenge

Laura Hock
Join Our Plastic Free July Challenge

We challenge you to reduce your carbon footprint one last time!

Our carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide and methane, that we are responsible for by our actions. They have an enormous impact on the Earth’s energy balance, and are responsible for what we call the greenhouse effect, the effect that we all learned in school traps the Sun’s heat in the Earth’s atmosphere. The consequences are, desertification, extreme weather conditions, rising sea levels and many more, all being mutually dependent on each other.

Greenhouse effect

It is up to all of us to reduce our demand, and dependence on fossil fuels, and how we get from point A to B has a huge impact. If you are curious about how your individual carbon footprint actually looks, there are many free online tools that help you calculate your emissions in no time! I’ve linked you one below. 

For this last week of our Plastic Free July challenge, we challenge you to reflect on the way you commute in general and choose a more sustainable option for your next ride(s)!. Don’t forget: For every person joining our challenge, we're donating €1 to our friends from Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, a Hawaiian environmental organization that hosts beach clean ups, awareness campaigns and does more crucially important work to help fight climate change and plastic pollution.  

Let's ride against climate change.

Even though Plastic Free July is coming to an end, it doesn’t mean that this topic becomes less important. Every day is a good day to start challenging yourself and reflecting on your actions. Thank you for being part of our journey. I can’t wait to celebrate the next sustainability campaign with you! 

Sign up one last time here:



PS: I would love seeing your IG feed posts and stories on sustainability actions! Tag them with #mauopurelei so everyone joining our movement can find them. 

By clicking on this link, you’re redirected to a page that  helps you calculate your ecological footprint and also shows you how many Earth’s your lifestyle would actually require in order to ensure sustainable living:


Laura Hock


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