How to Escape the Winter Blues

Chiara Lippke
Wie man dem Winterblues entkommt

Winter can be really long and dark. After a few weeks of grey skies, barely any sunlight or cold weather the winter blues kicks in. We feel tired and lack energy.
I think nearly everyone can relate or has experienced it from time to time. But we all can escape this low with some tricks to get ourselves back on track. Here are some activities you can do to beat the winter blues

  • Be active outside

    You’ve heard this one before but going outside for a hike or a walk can already help a lot to boost your mood. Fresh air, a bit of sunlight in combination with exercising makes our body produce vitamin D as well as endorphins. Put on your favorite warm clothes and go for a walk. Let’s be honest: Overthinking about how cold it may be is actually worse than just going outside.

  • Treat yourself with soul food 

    There are those special dishes that make us and our soul happy, that make us feel warm from the inside out. Whether it’s chocolate cake, pasta, or a dish your grandmother used to cook when you were younger, go for it! Often soul food is not the most healthy food – but let’s just promise ourselves to still get our greens in. We all know: An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? 

  • Learn something new

    Is there something you have always wanted to learn? A foreign language, pottery, a music instrument or meditating? Now is the time to start. Be productive, try some DIY projects at home or sign yourself up for (online) courses. We can’t wait to hear which projects you were able to realize as soon as you have set your mind to it. 

  • Socialize 
    When it’s cold and dark our couch or bed seem the only places we want to be. But not today! Meet up with your bestie, have a game night, or go out for a drink or two. Hanging out and having a laugh with our loved ones makes everything better.

  • Wear bright colors 
    Your winter wardrobe is dominated by black and grey? Yeah, we all know that, but don’t make the grey sky your outfit inspiration. Bright colors are associated with happiness – so add some color to your winter look. How about a red scarf, a yellow cardigan, or some of our colorful jewelry pieces to see how it will positively affect your mood.

  • Practice yoga  
    Get rid of stress and all the bad feelings with some yoga. Whether you like it meditative or physically challenging you will definitely find the right form of yoga. Conscious breathing in combination with the different poses will not only increase your flexibility but can also reduce your blood pressure and heart rate. Do you want to give it a try? Check out our 10-minute lunch break stretch.

  •  Movie marathon 
    Popcorn, nachos, a comfortable outfit and most importantly: your favorite movies! That’s everything you need for a good movie night. To make it more fun you can invite your bestie or some friends. Because re-watching an all-time favorite movie for the (at least) 159th time still makes us happy. 

  • Make plans 
    Personally, I always need something to look forward to. For me, the best thing to look forward to is a holiday. Let’s start the research: where do you want to go, when is the best time to go there and who will come with you? A short trip to a beautiful city, a weekend to visit a friend, or a full-grown holiday with your bestie are amazing things you can start to plan. Another thing to look forward to, spring is already on its way!

I hope these tips will guide you through the dark days and help you to escape the gloomy winter blues. We’ll get through this together – the first sunny days of spring will come sooner than you think. 

Lots of love & positive vibes

Chiara Lippke


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