How to Clean Pearl Jewelry

Chiara Lippke
Wie Du Perlenschmuck reinigst

Taking good care of your pearl jewelry is essential to ensure it retains its magical beauty for years to come. Here are four easy tips on how to care for your precious pearl jewelry:

  1. Avoid Contact with Chemicals:

    Pearls are sensitive to chemicals, including perfumes, cosmetics, or household cleaning products. It's best to apply perfume and cosmetics before putting on your pearl jewelry to prevent exposure to these potentially damaging substances.

  2. Clean Gently:

    To remove any dirt or oils that may have accumulated on your pearls, use a soft, damp cloth or a mild, soapy solution. Avoid abrasive materials or harsh cleaners that can scratch the delicate surface of the pearls. After cleaning, make sure to dry the pearls thoroughly.

  3. Storage Matters:

    When you're not wearing your pearl jewelry, store it separately from other jewelry items to prevent scratches. Keep them in a soft pouch or a jewelry box with a padded lining to protect them from dust and potential damage.

  4. Wear Them Often:

    Believe it or not, wearing your pearl jewelry regularly can help maintain its luster. The natural oils from your skin can contribute to their shine over time.

By following these care tips and paying attention to the needs of your pearl jewelry, you can continue to enjoy the enchanting beauty of PURELEI's Hawaii-inspired pieces for years to come. Remember that pearls are a timeless treasure, and with proper care, they can remain as radiant as the day you got them.

Chiara Lippke


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