The Perfect Combination – Curated Ear

Iris Hörner
Die perfekte Kombination – Curated Ear

The Curated Ear Trend


Ear piercings are super trendy! Especially in recent years, a trend has emerged that has revolutionized the way we beautify our ears. You might have already heard about it – it's called the "Curated Ear". This term describes a true art form that allows you to express your personality and your style individually through the combination of piercings, studs, and rings.

Origin and Meaning of the Term

The term "Curated Ear" originates from the world of piercings and jewelry. It refers to the careful selection and arrangement of ear jewelry, which is why it's referred to as curated. The goal is to create an aesthetic and expressive overall image on the ear, matching your outfit and personal style. Similar to curating in art or fashion, it's about assembling elements so they are harmoniously coordinated while simultaneously reflecting your personality.


Different Piercing Positions

With the Curated Ear, there are endless possibilities to adorn your ear. Different piercing positions always create a unique and individual appearance. From classic lobe piercings to helix and tragus piercings, to daith and rook piercings, there are countless options that can be combined according to your own style and preferences.



What Matters in the Curated Ear Trend

Designing a Curated Ear relies on your creativity, sensitivity, and aesthetic sense. The selection of jewelry should be thoughtfully considered. You're best getting professional advice in a professional piercing studio, as they can better accommodate your personal wishes and anatomical conditions. Then, you can consider colors, shapes, and materials to harmoniously design the overall effect. It's about telling your personal story and creating a unique expression through the combination of different elements.


The Perfect Curated Ear

The perfect Curated Ear is not just about appearance but also about how it feels. It should feel natural and highlight your individuality. The balance between different piercings and earrings is crucial, as well as the quality and design of each piece. A perfect Curated Ear captures attention, is inspiring and distinctive, and assembling it should simply be fun. So, now create your own artwork with PURELEI earrings and piercings.

Your Curated Ear with PURELEI 


Depending on your conditions, i.e., the piercing and ear holes you already have, you can start with your selection directly.

  1. First, ask yourself which material color you want – gold, silver, or rose gold? Or you might choose the trendy bicolor look, for example, gold and silver.
  2. Also, consider whether you want to integrate earrings with stones, pearls, or other materials. Try not to mix too many, or your look might quickly become overloaded.
  3. Let's move on to the first earring. Choose your personal favorite, a large hoop, or an earring with a pendant as an eye-catcher? The choice is yours.
  4. If you have a second or third ear hole, you can, based on your first choice, make your look more subtle or bold, for example, through different shapes, sizes, and stones. Here, you can also play with styles, alternating between dangling earrings and stud earrings.
  5. Long in trend and perfect for the Curated Ear trend – ear cuffs. Without a hole, you can add another layer to your look.
  6. Let's get to piercings in the upper area of your ear. Especially piercing studs with stones create a special look that makes your Curated Ear an eye-catcher.

No matter which styles you decide on, your creativity has no limits. From delicate, intricate combinations to bold statement looks, everything is possible, just as you want it. Moreover, all PURELEI earrings and piercings are made of stainless steel, plated with 18K gold, and are 100 % waterproof and durable. They can thus be worn in the pool, sea, and shower without losing their shine. You can stylishly go about your adventures and activities without worrying about anything discoloring.



In a world where self-expression and individuality are becoming increasingly important, the Curated Ear is more than just a passing trend. It's a timeless form of personal design that allows you to express your uniqueness in an artistic way. So, why not make your own ear a canvas and tell a story that can only be told through your choice of jewelry?

Iris Hörner


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