10 Minute Lunch Break Stretch

Laura Hock
10-minütiger Mittagspausen-Stretch

A Reminder to Take Time to Stretch

There are many benefits to stretching: It keeps our muscles flexibel, strong and healthy, improves posture, decreases muscle stiffness and increases our range of motion. Whether you're waking your body up in the morning or you want to cool down and relax after an intense workout, stretching simply feels good. 

Let's be honest: What I just wrote is no news to us, we all know stretching is good for us but when it comes to actually taking the time to do it, that's when the tricky part starts. Finding the motivation can be very hard, and we hope our dainty and pretty Lotus Collection jewelry pieces do the trick. Featuring 3 necklaces, 3 pairs of earrings, 2 bracelets, 1 anklet, 2 beach towels and 1 Aloha bag, the collection is designed to let you make the most of your yoga session, gym class or hikes and enjoying the outdoors. Waterproof as always or made from soft cotton, our jewelry pieces are adventure-ready and won't restrict your movement. Make sure to grab your favorite essentials and move with us!

Scroll down to discover our go-to lunch break exercises.

Easy Yoga Exercises & Stretches to Do on Your Lunch Break

You're probably recognizing the stretches illustrated above from your gym class or sports education, or you're a yogi yourself and already an expert on these basic stretches. 

Before & during exercising, make sure to:  

– Wear comfortable clothes. There are so many different types of workout clothes! Choose whatever you feel most comfortable in, and make sure to wear jewelry that won’t hurt you and doesn’t restrict your movement.
– Eat on time!  It’s *a lot* easier with a light stomach – I can tell!
– Stay hydrated Hydrating well is soo important and, again, has so many benefits for your health too! What I learned is that you shouldn’t wait til you’re thirsty to drink as, by the time you feel thirsty, you’re already slightly dehydrated – which kind of makes sense, doesn’t it? Even though hydration is very important, it’s usually not common to drink during yoga class. Make sure to drink before or after! — Watch your knees, wrists and ankles!  Stretching is supposed to feel good, and make sure to follow trustworthy instructions when not sure about how to imitate a pose.
– Leave your phone to me, this is the most important advice. Mindfulness is an essential aspect of the physical practice of yoga, with an emphasis on observing rather than reacting.It’s called moving meditation for a reason!  


Namaste Lauri

Laura Hock


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