Mahina Club Take Me to Paradise Edition

Mahina Club Exclusive
Chiara Lippke
Mahina Club Take Me to Paradise Edition

Have you ever lost track of time, caught up in a moment of pure peace and beauty? Imagine being at a place where minutes flow gently like waves and the hustle of everyday life seems like a distant memory. This vision of a tropical paradise, complete with swaying palms and the soft whisper of the ocean, symbolizes a relaxed lifestyle that many of us aspire to embrace fully.


This very sense of calm and tranquility inspired our July 2024 Take Me to Paradise Edition. The Mahina Club Edition is designed not only to reflect the beauty of a distant island but also to celebrate the paradisiacal moments in everyday life.

A Message from Paradise

The Just Vibes jewelry set from this edition is more than just an accessory. The twisted necklace with its detailed pendant, reminiscent of a holiday postcard, and the matching hoop earrings adorned with palm charms, embody the freedom and spirit of adventure that we all carry within us. They serve as a daily reminder to take time to breathe and enjoy life to the fullest, whether you're in the office or at a summer party.

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Complete Your Look to Match Your Vibe

The adjustable Just Vibes ring completes the ensemble. Its palm design is not just a visual treat but also symbolizes strength and resilience—traits that palms embody in nature. Thus, each outfit becomes a statement of confidence and serenity.


Beauty That Comes from Within

With the Take Me to Paradise Edition, you can also look forward to the highly coveted Intuition Eyebrow Styler. At Wilkinson Intuition, we believe that true beauty begins with being in harmony with oneself. Self-care is a highly personal matter, and that includes shaving. It's about intuitively deciding what feels right for you—there's no right or wrong. However, trusting your intuition can sometimes be challenging. We are convinced that the more you trust in yourself, the easier it becomes. Intuition is here to bolster your faith in yourself and your instincts, allowing you to joyfully discover what the world has to offer and feel comfortable in your skin.


Intuition offers you a wide range of hair removal solutions, all intuitively designed to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible while gently caring for your skin to smooth, nourish, and beautify it.

The Paradise Within Us

By designing the Take Me to Paradise Edition, we aim not just to enhance your outer beauty but also to inspire you to find your inner calm, your inner paradise, where you can retreat and recharge at any time.


Let us be inspired by those relaxed, paradisiacal moments when time seems to slow down a bit, and find something paradisiacal in every moment. For sometimes, the greatest adventure is discovering oneself and the beauty in life's little things.

Chiara Lippke


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