The Making of PURELEI's Jewelry Advent Calendar

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Chiara Lippke
The Making of PURELEI's Jewelry Advent Calendar

When the festive season approaches and the world is awash in fairy lights and festive decorations, PURELEI's 2023 Jewelry Advent Calendar is already waiting to make this Advent season one to remember. But have you ever wondered what goes into creating this treasure trove? Today we pull back the curtain to reveal the expertise, skills and sheer passion that the whole team pours into PURELEI’s Jewelry Advent Calendar. Dive in with us and discover the enchanting journey from conceptual sketches to the shimmering pieces that await behind each door.


After the Advent Calendar is before the Advent Calendar. That’s why our dedicated project team already started envisioning the next masterpiece while you’ve still been busy opening the doors of last year’s calendar. Brainstorming sessions were in full swing, and our creative Design Team was already busy sketching the exquisite jewelry pieces. Three jewelry designers and two 3D designers have been working on this project. 

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Our Design Team’s endless creativity led to over 60 jewelry designs. Choosing favorites for the 2023 Jewelry Advent Calendar was no easy feat! All in all it took six months from the first sketches and samples until the designers held the finalized jewelry pieces in their hands.
Concurrently, our talented Art Director Chrissy started to design the enchanting packaging for the calendar.

MARCH 2023 

Inspired by Hawaii’s five elements, we decided this year's calendar would pay homage to these natural powers. This also sparked the idea of a unique personalization option, with the packaging concept receiving unanimous approval by the team.

APRIL 2023

Holding the prototype of the 2023 Advent Calendar was surreal. With 10 designs available for personalization, the countdown began for our customers to individualize their Jewelry Advent Calendar.

MAY 2023 

May was abuzz with excitement as we unveiled our first personalizable Jewelry Advent Calendar. Customers had the opportunity to choose the jewelry pieces they’d like to have for the elements – Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Aloha. Their choices played a role in curating the final ensemble for September's Advent Calendar.

JUNE 2023

Our Art Director’s attention to detail and several visits to the print house ensured that the color and quality of the final packaging mirrored their vision perfectly. With precision achieved, it was a green light for printing!

JULY 2023 

It’s shooting time! Our Production Team spent two weeks in our PURELEI House on the Hawaiian island of Oahu and shot many exciting projects – such as the Jewelry Advent Calendar. Over two intense days, amid an approaching tropical storm, our Production Team worked tirelessly at five shooting locations. The team, composed of Creative Producer Milena, Photographer Rosalie, Videographer Anna, Social Media Creator Linh, a local drone operator, and our model – PURELEI's co-founder Alisaperfectly captured the essence of each element. Alisa even conquered her fear of heights as she climbed a rock for the Element Air shoot.  


All hands are on deck to ensure that the Jewelry Advent Calendar not only meets but exceeds your expectations. A seamless blend of design, storytelling, and expertise, it promises to be an unforgettable experience. For those eager to own a piece of this magic, click here to dive into Hawaii’s elemental beauty with the PURELEI Jewelry Advent Calendar.


Chiara Lippke


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