PURELEI Love Story 2/3 – Partnership

Chiara Lippke
PURELEI Love Story 2/3 – Partnerschaft

In the second episode of our PURELEI Love Story, you will meet Janina and Timo. Those two love birds have been together since 2010, which means they have already experienced ups and downs together – but as you will see: They are still madly in love. It was super exciting for us to see them together, as Janina is Teamlead of our Design Team and we finally got to know her fiancé Timo.

We all know that keeping a relationship happy and healthy can be challenging sometimes. Therefore it’s always amazing to see living proof that it can work out, as long as you truly love one another and grow in your partnership. Let’s find out what love, as well as their significant other, means to Janina & Timo – maybe we can conclude, what the ingredients for a healthy relationship like theirs are. 

Janina, what is love to you?

Love is something super emotional, you can be yourself and in the best case, you have a partner who is loving you for the person you are. You encourage each other. You feel what the other person feels. You become the best version of yourself. 

What is Timo to you?

To me, Timo is my person. He’s my best friend, he is the man of my dreams and I don’t want to miss him in my life. He is the best person I know. 

Describe Timo in just a few words. 

Timo is the funniest, most loyal, caring, gentle and loving person. 

How would you describe love in four words?

It’s passion, fulfillment, power and that you always care for each other. 

Timo, what is love to you?

Love is to feel appreciated, welcome and to feel at home when being with this person. 

How would you describe love in a few words?

It’s meaningful, trust, loyalty and being empowered by someone else. When you get support and know that someone else believes in you. 

What does Janina mean to you?

In one word: Everything. It’s her loyalty, her pureness and her joy of life that make her so special. 

Can you handle this level of cuteness? It hit me right in the feels…

Okay, now that I’ve recovered, let’s put together some ingredients for a healthy relationship:

  • Trust: Mutual and unguarded trust – this is a BIG point. It takes time to build trust, but it’s worth it when you have 100% trust in your partner. 
  • Communication: We all know, communication is key. Talk with each other, take your time, listen and ask questions, share your thoughts and feelings. 
  • Loyalty: Being loyal means more than being faithful, but also being dependable, as well as defending the significant other when someone speaks negatively about them. 
  • Empowerment: Support and empower your partner. Be their rock to rely on, always have their back and encourage them to pursue their dreams. 
  • Respect: Show respect for your partner's opinions, choices (even if you might disagree from time to time) and boundaries. Respect them for their accomplishments and for who they are. 
  • Appreciation for one another: Express your appreciation for what your partner does for you. 
  • Independence: Still be you. Spend time apart, meet up with your friends, pursue hobbies and goals. Take your time for activities outside of your relationship.  
  • Empathy: Look at situations from your partner's point of view, try to understand how they feel. Show your loved ones that you are there for them. 


Well, these are just some of the points that make up a healthy relationship, but it’s not sorcery and we all can work on it.
Does such a thing as a perfect relationship exist? If you ask me, love isn’t perfect. There is no flawless relationship. These faults, the struggles of daily life, are what make it real. It’s the small moments that become unforgettable memories: A single glance, a kiss, or a laugh. Appreciate those moments and keep them within your heart. Let’s never take our partners for granted and always show how much we love them.
Click here to send a free postcard to your loved ones and tell them how much you love them. 

Also, a big Mahalo to our wonderful couples who shared their Love Story with us! We don't take it for granted that people talk so openly with outsiders about their feelings for each other. We are very grateful to Janina and Timo, as well as to Nardos, Viet, Aurora and her daughter Philia, for letting us be a part of their personal story.  

Sending you lots of love,


Chiara Lippke


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