Hair Tutorial by Langhaarmädchen

Mahina Club Exclusive
Chiara Lippke
Hair Tutorial by Langhaarmädchen

In the September 2023 Mahina Club Lei Edition by Alisa, two goodies from Langhaarmädchen are waiting for you! In this simple hair tutorial, the professionals from Langhaarmädchen provide further inspiration and a step-by-step guide for a hairstyle that always fits.

This super beautiful yet simply styled hairstyle can be incredibly transformed through jewelry and styles. Whether as an everyday look or more elegant for a festive event – the Low Ponytail always works!

You will need:

a tail comb or teasing brush
a hair tie
some hair clips/bobby pins
optionally a curling iron or straightener
dry shampoo, hairspray & optionally curl holding spray

    For more grip, natural volume, and a longer-lasting fresh feeling, spray our Langhaarmädchen dry shampoo onto your roots and work it in. If you like, you can also lightly wave your hair with a straightener or curling iron. For better hold of the waves and as heat protection, use our curl holding spray.

    Step 1:
    Section your hair at the back of your head and lightly tease it with the tail comb/teasing brush.

    Step 2:
    Gather all your hair into a low ponytail at the nape and tie it with a hair tie. Slide the hair tie down 1-2 cm, make a hole in the hair between the hair tie and your head with your fingers, and loop the ponytail over and through the hole. You can tighten the hair tie again if it has loosened.

    Step 3:
    Divide the ponytail into two strands, the upper strand can be a little narrower. For more volume, tease this strand a bit.

    Step 4:
    Form a small loop with the teased strand and pin it with hair clips above the hair tie. This creates a small bun above the ponytail. Secure everything with some of our flexible hairspray, and the look is complete!

    You can also let a few strands fall out towards the face and lightly wave them with the straightener.

    Have fun trying out this Langhaarmädchen Low Ponytail hair tutorial!

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    Chiara Lippke


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