Sparkle Buckle Collection Designed By Marina Hoermanseder

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Chiara Lippke
Sparkle Buckle Collection designed von Marina Hoermanseder

The new PURELEI × Marina Hoermanseder jewelry collection is finally here and, as always, it was a blast to work together with our good friend Marina and her amazing team. If you follow Marina on Instagram or maybe know her from our last collaboration you will know that she’s an absolute power woman. Marina is a successful fashion designer, founder, mother, business woman and dog mom. Her designs are one of a kind and celebrities like Lady Gaga, Kylie Jenner, Rihanna and Janet Jackson have already worn Marina’s spectacular pieces. Her unique signature are the buckles she uses to create her fashion statement pieces. Therefore it was no question that the jewelry collection must include buckles. 

Our co-founder Alisa and Marina studied at the same university in Hawaii and have been friends ever since. Working with Marina is more than a collaboration, she’s been part of the PURELEI Family since day one. That’s why we were more than excited to visit her in her new atelier in Berlin. It’s a place buzzing with creative energy, colors and positive vibes. The outstanding designs and drafts for new pieces are everywhere and right in the middle is Marina, happy and smiling as always when we see her, together with her little daughter Lotti and their dog Taco. 

Together we had a look at the drafts she created for the four pieces of the Sparkle Buckle Collection and the colorful mood board, where Marina and her team collect their inspiration and ideas for every new fashion piece. There’s so much to see that we could have spent another day exploring. 

When we talked about her inspiration for the Sparkle Buckle Collection she says “I want to bring some glitter and glamour back that has been neglected in the past few years. Sparkles and gemstones always make me happy.” Same, same, Marina – who doesn’t love the glittering reflection of the lights on the gemstones. 

Also, as this month is all about female empowerment, we had a little chat about what female empowerment means to her “My definition of female empowerment is that it doesn't have to have a fixed meaning. I think that every woman is strong in what she does and therefore defines what female empowerment is. [...] To me, it means that we all need to define ourselves as strong. We can be strong together with the men out there, personally and professionally. There should be no competition. The fact that there is no question that women are strong is much more of a definition of female empowerment to me than talking about what needs to be done for women to be seen as strong.” 

We couldn’t describe it any better and are more than happy to call this strong woman a part of our PURELEI Family. 

You can watch what Alisa and Marina have to say about female empowerment on our YouTube channel.

We hope you love the jewelry pieces of the Sparkle Buckle Collection just as much as Marina and Team PURELEI does. 



Chiara Lippke


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