50+ Engraving Ideas to Help You Get Inspired

Laura Hock
50+ Inspirationen für Deine Schmuck-Gravur

What to engrave on your PURELEI jewelry 

Whether it's gifting season, wedding season, or an anniversary coming up, it is always a beautiful gesture to show your love through something so personal as engraved jewelry.

I am going to share a few ideas with you that came to my mind when I first heard about the engravable collection. If you don't know what to engrave on your jewelry but really like the designs of the pendants, I hope this article offers what you're looking for. Scroll further to explore my 50+ engraving ideas ...

So here's my very personal engraving list: 

I promised you 50+ engraving ideas and to give you an overview of what I thought of, and I will walk you through the categories and ideas systematically. Due to the size of the engravable pendants and the engraving process requirements, we're limited to five characters and three lines, or single letters only. But this won't stop us from getting creative. You'll see that it's really easy to come up with great engravings if you start organizing your thoughts. You will then realize that the things you like suddenly just pop into your head when looking at the categories. It's actually pretty fun, so let's go: 

– Category: Food

It's not the most obvious category, I must admit, but what I immediately thought of was Pasta Lover, and it also works with Wine LoverPizza Lover or Watermelon Lover. You can go as far as Vegan since 2017, if this is something you're really proud of or want to remind yourself to not have a cheat day because you've been so strong ... Or do the exact opposite and engrave Cheat Day ;) 

– Category: Names 

What is your pet or your bf called? Engrave it and show them your love in a very special way. Honeyboocasa-novacutie pie or Mr. Pokee ... You can use single letters or simply the name. Or maybe you have a fun nickname or a family name that holds a special place in your heart. Our engraving machine takes in all individual requests that match the requirements. 

– Category: Dates and Numbers

Maybe you connect a special occasion or memory to a certain date. Hold onto it by engraving it on your jewelry piece, so you'll have it close to you and have it as a reminder of a beautiful time you've had. Do you have a lucky number or even an angel number that you connect with? Choose between a single number or even a number sequence.

– Category: Travel Destinations 

Jewelry is always very personal, and engraved jewelry pieces like the following ones especially make awesome gifts. Again, we're a bit restricted when it comes to characters, so a lot of beautiful destinations are too long and not really an option, unfortunately. But there are many places that have perfect names and can be engraved on our pendants easily: Islands and countries such as HawaiiBali, or Italy for example, big cities like New YorkL.A., ParisBerlin or some continents (AfricaEuropeAsia and maybe a date?) are all very good options – you see where I'm going! International airports, like LDN, LAX or OSL, also have codes that will fit perfectly on our jewelry.

 – Category: Love 

Engravable jewelry is probably best known for being an appreciation gift for your significant other. Here are a few ideas on what to engrave for a loved one: 

I Love You, Say Yes, Marry Me, Yours Truly, All Mine / All Yours, Live Love Laugh, Soul Mate, Best Friends, Ti Amo, Für immer Dein,... 

Have a fun nickname or your friends and family refer to you as the Crazy Cat Lady? Celebrate who you are, express your individuality, or share your passion with the world. Here are a few extra ideas: Surfer, Yogi, Proud Dad, Mom of 4, Wild Heart, Free Spirit, Artist.

Another fun idea is matching jewelry with your friend, child or partner. You can go classy with each other's names and nicknames, or you can make it more fun with something like: King and Queen.

– Category: Thank You

Engravable jewelry can be a very special way to show your appreciation. Engrave Thank You in any language, or be precise about what you are grateful for. Best Mom, Best Dad are perfect engravings, also Thank You or Mahalo in Hawaiian. Hero is great too, and if someone is a really good chef and you love their creations, simply engrave Best Chef

Personalized jewelry is ideal for wedding anniversaries and is known for being the go-to present in a relationship. With this blog post, I wanted to show you what's more to these romantic gifts and that they can be a brilliant alternative to a boring gift for a friend, your family or a colleague. It's also something you should just buy for yourself! Embrace your uniqueness, just go ahead and tell your individual story. 

Let me know if you liked this post and what your favorite engraving idea is! I am looking forward to reading your comments.

Love Lauri

Laura Hock


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