Living Aloha also means living consciously and giving back.


Proper recycling is important for our environment. Our packaging is almost exclusively made of paper and can therefore be disposed of via waste paper. Nevertheless, pay attention to separable components and, if necessary, sort them manually into the appropriate waste collection.


Please dispose of cardboard in the appropriate garbage can for paper or cardboard. Also, be sure to remove any tape or similar labels beforehand. Waste glass can be disposed of in an appropriate waste glass container. Be sure to separate colors and dispose of only the glass container in this manner.


PURELEI stands for high quality jewelry inspired by Hawaii. Most of our jewelry is made of high quality stainless steel, making it rustproof, corrosion resistant, strong and recyclable.

Learn more about our material here.


Team PURELEI works remotely wherever possible. Because of significant emissions, employee commuting plays a big role in calculating the company's carbon footprint. Remote contracts and home office work encourage digital and creative processes that can be accessed from anywhere.


The PURELEI Content Production Team often produces several campaigns at one dream destination. What requires a lot of planning not only saves flight and travel costs, but also a lot of CO2. We are also happy to work with independent artists who supply us digitally with content from all over the world. Most of the pictures are taken in our in-house photo studio in Mannheim.


Living Aloha also means living consciously and giving back. We are particularly proud of our fundraising campaigns.

You can find more about our heart projects here.