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Chiara Lippke
Was Dich im PURELEI Adventskalender 2024 erwartet

At PURELEI, we're kicking off the festive season a tad earlier this year!  Exciting news: The presale of our beloved PURELEI Jewelry Advent Calendar 2024 started on May 12. That’s your chance to secure your Jewelry Advent Calendar before everyone else and benefit from some amazing presale specials. While last December had everyone enjoying the 2023 version, our team was already buzzing with excitement about crafting an even more spectacular PURELEI Jewelry Advent Calendar for 2024. Get a glimpse behind the scenes in this post. 

Why should I get the PURELEI Jewelry Advent Calendar during the presale? 

24 + 1 doors: First things first, this year’s Advent Calendar has not 24, but 25 doors! We’re adding an extra door with an additional jewelry surprise for you, as Christmas is celebrated on December 25 in Hawaii. Behind each door awaits a waterproof piece of jewelry, designed to accompany you throughout the year.

Special price: Snag your Jewelry Advent Calendar for the special presale price of € 179.90 and get jewelry worth € 905.50! This price is only available during our presale in May, as it will have a higher price in September. So be clever and save now.

Gold and silver mixed: Many of you have been asking for an Advent Calendar with a mix of jewelry in gold and silver – and your wish is our command! This year, exclusively during the presale, you can choose the mixed option with 13 pieces in gold and 12 in silver. The designs are thoughtfully curated to allow you to mix and match, creating stunning bicolor looks. Whether you’re a bicolor enthusiast or like to switch between gold and silver, this is your moment!

Inspired by Hawaii’s Five Elements

Hawaii is our biggest inspiration – its islands, nature, people, and vibrant Aloha spirit. Each piece of jewelry in this year’s Jewelry Advent Calendar is inspired by one of Hawaii’s five elements: Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and the Aloha spirit, the unique Hawaiian element you can feel everywhere on the islands. Our talented Design Team has created exquisite pieces from these inspirations. The process of selecting the final 25 designs for our Advent Calendar took quite some time – our Quality Management Team inspected more than 800 jewelry samples to ensure top-notch quality for you. 

Here’s a sneak peek of the first five jewelry pieces, one for each element, to give you a taste of what’s to come. 

More Than Jewelry Advent Calendar – a Piece of Art

But our Advent Calendar is not only about the jewelry designs; it's a true work of art. Our Senior Art Director Saskia has outdone herself again this year. Over 20 samples later, she has crafted a packaging that will make you love the unboxing experience every single day – as always, it’s also reusable as an elegant jewelry or keepsake box, long after the holiday season has passed. 


To step it up on all levels, we're thrilled to be collaborating with artist Paula Stein, who’s creating enchanting artwork for the 2024 PURELEI Jewelry Advent Calendar. Her designs feature a blend of subtle colors and flowing patterns that beautifully evoke the five Hawaiian elements. Although we're still adding some final shimmering touches, here's a first glimpse at what’s in store. Can you identify all five elements? Drop your guesses in the comments below!


We're all about adding a touch of PURELEI magic to the holiday season. Don’t miss out and benefit from our special presale price and limited mixed color option today!

P.S.: In addition to our popular Jewelry Advent Calendar, this year we have created two more! Introducing the PURELEI Premium Advent Calendar, featuring jewelry made from recycled sterling silver, and the budget-friendly PURELEI Essentials Advent Calendar. Curious? Check them out here.

Chiara Lippke


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