Go Hug a Tree

Laura Hock
Umarme einen Baum

Have you heard about Tree Hugging? 

As if we weren't in love with our earth before – here's another phenomenon I want to share with you that is literally one of the best activities I can think of: tree hugging! It's outdoors, everyone can participate, it's healthy, safe and, if these weren't enough benefits (imagine me saying this with Chandler Bing voice), it's free!


Seriously, if you haven't started doing it, do so right now! Google it if you don't believe me, it's a real thing and so so good for you. In need of a hug that is safe but gives you comfort? Go hug a tree. Want to spice up that stupid daily walk? Go hug a tree. Feeling stressed and nothing really helps? Go hug a tree. Just really bored? ... Exactly.  

Here's why Tree Hugging is GOOD FOR US: 

Especially in these difficult times, what we need more than ever is hugs. How it works? Well, you might have heard about the love hormone oxytocin. Tree hugging is said to increase the levels of this particular hormone and subsequently we're benefitting from all of its positive effects. 

We're officially tree lovers: 

We love celebrating special occasions such as Earth Day, World Environment Day and many more! It's crucial that these days gain more and more attention especially on social media, and we believe that, as a brand with a growing reach, it is our responsibility to help promote, protect and preserve our environment whenever we can. This April, we were able to plant 266 trees together with the organization Treedom. And so far I can tell you: There are more exciting things coming!

Every day is a good day to hug a tree.

You know what would make me really happy? Seeing pictures of you hugging trees! Take a picture when outside hugging a tree and don't forget to tag it with #pureleitreehuggers. I am a huge tree hugging fan and have been doing it since I was a child. It is such a wonderful feeling of relaxation, and as your hands are busy hugging the tree, it will also keep you off your phone – if only for a few seconds. 

Do you want to read more about the benefits of being outdoors? Let me know by commenting on this post!

Happy to hear from you and stay safe lovelies, until social distancing is over and we can go back to real hugs. 

Love Lauri 
Laura Hock


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