The PURELEI Advent Calendars 2022

Laura Hock
The PURELEI Advent Calendars 2022


Almost no other word has become as popular as the word "sustainable". But what does it actually mean, if something is sustainable? Well, in its basic sense it means that something is able to maintain over a certain period of time. During our Advent Calendar design process, we wanted to create a product that does not only spread joy during the festive season, but also beyond. We're more than happy with how all three Advent Calendars turned out and because they are really champions of sustainability, I wanted to take the time to introduce you to their unique features.

Jewelry Advent Calendar 

Every year, the PURELEI community waits with bated breath for this: A calendar filled with waterproof jewelry pieces, surprises and lots of  Aloha. The included jewelry pieces are not only perfect for the festive season, but for all year round. Thanks to our dearest community members and their feedback, we made sure to achieve the best outcome for everyone this year. We’re sure you’ll treasure these pieces forever! 

PURELEI Jewelry Advent Calendar 2022

The sleek yet chic design of the packaging is timeless, goes with any decor style and can be used year after year, providing it is non-disposable and therefore sustainable. As I stated above, good design is long-lasting.  

We’ve put a lot of thought into the design process and created a unique packaging that can be used as a jewelry or keepsake box after Christmas, so you can easily store your Advent Calendar jewelry together with your favorite designs in one place. 

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Kids Advent Calendar 

This year, we’ve introduced a project that is very close to our hearts: Our first Kids Advent Calendar, filled with playful as well as certified products. 

As our Jewelry Advent Calendar, its packaging is reusable so the kids can use it as an organizer for their crayons or as a treasure box after Christmas. 

If you want to give the gift of Aloha your little ones, this is the perfect thing to get. Fun & Aloha for the entire family! 


Good design is long-lasting 

Our jewelry is made from recycled stainless steel.

It is our mission to create and design jewelry pieces that are everyday-proof to make sure they’re perfect for accompanying you on your adventures. 

That’s why all of our jewelry pieces are made of stainless steel, a material that is especially durable and one of the most recycled materials in the world. But it is not only the jewelry that we send out, but also the packaging, and we’re especially proud of our packaging material too. Our PURELEI send-outs are free from single-use plastics and include a reusable sachet. Our packaging is FSC-certified, manufactured in Germany and all orders are efficiently packaged and shipped.

Did you know? FSC-certified forests have environmental, economic and social benefits. The FSC certification is the world’s most trusted sustainable forest management, and the label identifies responsibly sourced paper and cardboard. On top of that, our packaging is 100 % recyclable and in Germany delivered with DHL GoGreen. 

Fill by Yourself Advent Calendar 

Also new this year: Our Fill by Yourself Advent Calendar, a DIY Advent Calendar that is made from 100 % cotton and recyclable every year! Thanks to the natural colors and thoughtful design, it instantly creates a cozy atmosphere. The canvas calendar features 24 small bags of 12 x 12 cm and is particularly stable and loadable.  

Pro tip: All our Advent Calendars make awesome gifts!

The festive season is coming closer and we couldn’t be more excited for December 1st. Treat yourself with one of our Advent Calendars and get ready for an Aloha-filled Christmas season.

Sending Aloha-filled (pre)season’s greetings



Laura Hock


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  • L🌺

    Laura 🌺 on days ago

    Aloha, 🌺 Ich freu mich schon sehr auf den 1. Dezember und kann es kaum erwarten endlich das erste Türchen von dem wunderschönen Kalender zu öffnen. Ich bin schon so gespannt was sich alles in dem Kalender verbirgt und freu mich darauf mich jeden Tag überraschen zulassen. 🌺 Liebe Grüße ✨

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