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Chiara Lippke
Endangered Animals Collection

The Endangered Animals Collection is very important to us. We are always in awe of the wonders nature has created over millions of years, the enormous variety of plants and animals that evolution has brought forth. 

All the sadder to see how many of these extraordinary creatures are on the brink of extinction, mainly because of humans. In order to raise awareness and help to save endangered animals, we will donate 10% of the net proceeds and support a Hawaiian Conservation Program. 

Today I want to introduce you to the animals that have inspired us to create the Endangered Animals Collection. Our Design Team has created extraordinary jewelry pieces that are reminiscent of these animals in shape and structure and symbolize their characteristics. These special animals are also reflected in the individual design of the packaging with a little note on the inside where our animals give some information about themselves.

Let me take you on a little educational adventure sharing some of the mind-blowing facts I’ve collected while researching our five endangered animals. 

Hi! My name is Axolotl, I am a salamander and my family and I live in lakes near Mexico City. Unfortunately, there are only 50-1000 left of us. I have really cool superpowers: I can regenerate limbs, organs and even parts of my brain!

Axolotls are fascinating creatures. In the wild they only exist in a few canals and lakes near Mexico City. Due to pollution and habitat loss these salamanders – always seeming to smile – are critically endangered. Scientists are researching the Axolotl’s ability to regenerate full-functioning limbs and organs, hoping to use this knowledge to cure spinal paralysis and more. Crazy, right? 

Hello, follow my fluffy tail to my homeland: Madagascar! It would be awesome if you helped to preserve our habitats. As a Ring-Tailed Lemur, I am very passionate about female empowerment as all our group leaders are female – and I love sunbathing! 

You can find many amazing species in Madagascar – there and nowhere else on earth. For example, the fluffy-tailed Lemurs have inspired us with their stripey tail. Living in so-called troops of up to 30 animals with a dominant female, the Ring-Tailed Lemurs are endangered as their forests fall victim to deforestation.

Look at my bright blue feathers – am I not stunning? As a Hyacinth Macaw I love to fly over the lush South American rainforests. But as they keep shrinking, so is our population. Besides being beautiful, we are also the largest parrots.  

The strikingly beautiful Hycinth Macaws with their electric blue feathers are listed as vulnerable to extinction. It’s estimated that only up to 6500 of the big parrots remain in the wild. Measuring 1m from beak to the tip of the tail and with a wingspan of 1,5m they are the largest parrots. In addition, Hycinth Macaws are also very intelligent, have the ability to problem-solve and can mimic human speech. The Hyacinth Macaw’s plumage and outstanding color are reflected in the necklace and the bracelet.

Nice to meet you! I am a Pangolin and live in Asia. There are not many of my kind left. If something threatens me, I curl myself up into a ball under my armor made of scales so that I look like a pine cone.

The name Pangolin comes from the Malay word ‘penggulung’ which means ‘roller’. Quite fittingly as Pangolins roll up into a ball when threatened to defend themselves. This is what the ring and earring of the Endangered Animals Collection will remind you of.
It’s believed that these shy and harmless animals are the world’s most trafficked mammals – illegally hunted for their meat and scales they are listed as critically endangered

Aloha! I am a Green Sea Turtle and my world is the deep blue sea. If you want to help me and my family, please take care of the oceans. I love swimming and gardening: By eating the tips of the seagrass, I keep it healthy. 

Being absolute globetrotters, the Green Sea Turtles live all over the world and use the earth’s magnetic fields to navigate through the oceans. As they are on a plant-based diet, only eating seagrass and algae, they are also known as the oceans’ lawnmowers. Green Sea Turtles are classified as endangered, facing threads as being caught in fishing gear, overharvesting of their eggs and loss of nesting beach sites. The ring and the armcuff of the Endangered Animals Collection are designed to resemble the shells of these peaceful reptiles.

I really hope you find these facts as fascinating as I did when I dived into the worlds of our five inspirational animals. I would be very happy to read in the comments which facts fascinated you the most – or maybe you even have some more facts about those animals to share with us?
Let’s raise awareness together, spread the word and help to save endangered animals with these 10 easy actions

As a little extra we have prepared some really cool Instagram story stickers for you – choose your faves & take your family and friends on an educational adventure, too.





Chiara Lippke


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