Mahina Club Lei Edition by Alisa

Mahina Club Exclusive
Chiara Lippke
Mahina Club Lei Edition by Alisa

It all started with Hawaii, because if Alisa hadn't done a semester abroad in Hawaii, PURELEI as we know and love it probably wouldn't exist. But fortunately, she was there and was enchanted by the paradisiacal islands, the people, and the Aloha Way of Life.

And it's exactly to this special place, which inspired her for PURELEI, that she returned for her Mahina Club Lei Edition. Hawaii holds many special and important moments in Alisa's life – from her semester abroad to the founding of PURELEI, her wedding, and even the shooting of the Lei Edition – and there are sure to be many more special experiences to come.

During her first stay in Hawaii, she always passed the statue of Queen Kapiʻolani on her way to the beach. On it is a quote from the beloved former Queen of Hawaii, who is still loved by Hawaiians today for her charity towards the people and especially children. “Kūlia i ka nu’u”, which roughly means “Strive for excellence”, has since accompanied Alisa, inspired her, and has become her life motto. Therefore, the likeness of Queen Kapiʻolani along with the quote adorns the front of the Mahina Club Lei Edition by Alisa, while on the back of the coin, the Hawaiian islands are seen from above.

Lei | Hawaiian, noun: Traditional neck or head adornment made of flowers, shells, or other natural materials.
The set of a necklace with an embossed coin and statement earrings is perfect for confident looks. Radiate that you know exactly who you are, what you want, and that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.
As always, you can complement the look this month with the matching Lei Edition Charm and add the other charm to your Mahina Club Charm bracelet.

Alisa wants to give you the Lei Edition set as a lucky charm to inspire you to new personal achievements and motivate you to pursue your dreams and goals, no matter how unattainable they seem. When you wear the jewelry pieces, they should always remind you that you are getting closer to your goal with every step – true to the motto “Kūlia i ka nu’u”.

How do you like the Lei Edition? Do you also have a life motto that has been with you for a long time? Share it with us in the comments, we're curious.

Chiara Lippke


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