Mahina Club Island Elegance Edition

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Chiara Lippke
Mahina Club Island Elegance Edition

For the perfect start to 2024, we want to take you on a little journey to the most beautiful island paradises with the Island Elegance Edition. Whether it's Hawaii, the Canary Islands, or the Maldives, they all have their own unique qualities and captivate us with their extraordinary beauty. Sometimes, when you walk along deserted beaches or through tropical forests, it feels like time has stood still in these places. Do you know that feeling?

It's this timeless beauty that inspired the jewelry pieces for the Mahina Club Island Elegance Edition. The necklace and bracelet in the set feature a sparkling gemstone and can be wonderfully paired with other jewelry pieces, adding an elegant finish and a touch of sophistication to any look.

Complete the Look

For the Island Elegance Edition of January 2024, our design team has come up with something to complete your look: the teardrop-shaped Sparkle Earrings adorned with a gemstone in the center – the same design is also featured on the elegant Sparkle Necklace as pendants. When combined with the Island Elegance Set, these jewelry pieces create a harmonious layering look that will accompany you both to your personal island paradise and in your everyday life. Discover them now in the shop.

Goodie from Waterdrop

"Why isn't there a product that doesn't require another plastic bottle or can, that does good and is small enough to fit into a water bottle neck?" That's what Martin thought, and as he pondered this in the spring of 2016, the idea of something big that is actually quite small was born: the Microdrink – the finest fruit and plant extracts compressed into the form of a small cube. All you need is fresh water. And so, Martin, along with his friend Christoph, his brother Henry, and an incredible team, turned this vision into reality.

Look forward to receiving a sample pack of three cubes with the Island Elegance Edition and trying one of these two flavors:

The harmonious ZEN flavor, which brings balance with its subtle plant messages from starfruit, white tea, and lemongrass.
Or the BOOST flavor, which adds a special touch to even the toughest day with the tart-sour aromas of elderberry and açaí, combined with the refreshing sweetness of black currant.

Become a Mahina Club Member

Get the Island Elegance Edition now and become a Mahina Club member. As a subscriber, you secure an exclusive jewelry set every month at the advantageous price of €29.90 and enjoy many other benefits, including exclusive deals, contests, and access to our pre-sales.

What are you waiting for? The year 2024 is full of adventures! Join us and the Mahina Club Island Elegance Edition for a long beach walk and recharge your energy and motivation for the new year.

Chiara Lippke


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