Mahina Club Edition by Datjulschen

Mahina Club Exclusive
Chiara Lippke
Mahina Club Edition by Datjulschen

The approaching end of the year invites you to reflect on past events. What went smoothly, what would you like to change in the future? These thoughts inspired Jule, alias @Datjulschen, and the PURELEI design team to create the jewelry pieces for the Mahina Club Manifest Your Life Edition.

The Mahina Club Manifest Your Life Edition is more than just jewelry; it's an invitation to self-realization. Jule, also known as @Datjulschen, drew inspiration from her passion for spirituality and moon phases. This edition is a symbol of your inner strength and aims to reinforce the belief that you can shape reality according to your desires.

Each piece in this edition was designed to support your personal growth. The 2023 December Mahina Club encourages you to manifest your life goals and dreams, turning them into reality. These jewelry pieces are more than accessories; they symbolize your inner journey. To aid your manifestation journey, the jewelry set includes a specially designed notepad for you to record and manifest your wishes, feelings, and goals for the upcoming year.


The Manifest Your Life Edition jewelry pieces are complemented by L'Occitane en Provence's best-selling hand cream, the premium beauty brand from Southern France. The hand cream, enriched with 20 % organic shea butter, provides intensive moisture for up to 8 hours, absorbs quickly, and leaves your skin soft and supple. What's particularly great is that this product supports the economic empowerment of women in Africa. For more than 30 years, they have used fair-trade shea butter from Burkina Faso and Ghana for their best-selling Shea range. They enable local women to access microloans or literacy programs to become self-reliant – so you contribute to paving the way for these women to self-realization. For more information, visit


In addition to the jewelry set, we have designed other matching pieces, such as the Moonshine Necklace with moonstone beads, designed to give you even more energy. The Galaxy Necklace with matching Galaxy Earrings features eye and moon symbols on black coins for styles with contrasts. Of course, the charm for this edition is also a must: a small crescent moon that complements your Mahina Club Charm Bracelet. Each piece has a unique meaning and is intended to help you dive deeper into the world of self-realization. They remind you that your dreams are achievable and encourage you to unleash your full potential.

The Manifest Your Life Edition, designed by Datjulschen, is a source of inspiration. It symbolizes spirituality and cosmic forces while accompanying you on your journey to realizing your goals. If you're looking for a way to manifest your life goals in the coming year and embark on the journey of self-realization, then this edition is just right for you. It's time to live your dreams and shape your life according to your own vision.

Chiara Lippke


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