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Laura Hock
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Today’s blog post will be all about sustainable travel, but what does it really mean? It’s referring to a respectful way of traveling that can be maintained (as long as possible!), is sustainable, and doesn’t harm your natural or cultural environment. Sustainable travel is a growing movement and once you’ve read about it, you’ll notice it’s easier – and more fun! – than it might sound at first. You might even recognize a few things you’re already doing right! 

We all love traveling, but what we don’t love is negativity or restrictions. So when looking at sustainable travel, it’s important to focus on the positive aspects of it, and to discover the benefits sustainable travel has to offer instead. 

Our Art Director Janine and I are sure that we will convince you to consider at least one or more sustainable travel options for your next vacation!

Gorgeous Art Director Janine and her beautiful glamping setup


The first thing on our mind is the destination (where do we want to go?), but we should always ask ourselves “How do we get there”?. Different modes of transport come with different environmental costs, and we all know that air travel is the worst mode of transport when it comes to harming our environment. Next time you plan a vacation, check if there isn’t a train or bus that can get you there, too, it might even save you some time or money in the long run (I’m talking about getting to the airport prior to the departure time, waiting times etc. here). If there’s no other option for you to get to your dream destination, make sure to offset your emissions – it’s more affordable than you might think!


There are three pillars that build the term sustainability: A social pillar, an environmental pillar and an economic pillar. While the environmental pillar is pretty obvious and also the first we think of when hearing sustainability, the other two pillars are just as important, as they all have a big impact on each other. But of course we do not only want our environment to maintain as long and as healthy as possible, but also the well-being of countries, communities and organizations. The economic pillar builds the third pillar due its immense importance and impact on the two other pillars, and therefore deserves a spot as well.

When planning your stay, make sure to consider all three pillars: Find an apartment or eco hotel instead of a chained-brand hotel that supports the local economy instead of destroying it – or go camping just like our Art Director Janine did! Inform yourself about the region in which you’re planning to stay and learn about the infrastructure, poverty, dos and don’ts and more to be able to decide on your best option. 


To me, the most charming places I’ve visited were as original as they could be, and supporting small and local businesses has a big impact on the evolution of a place. Be it art galleries, local shops or restaurants, by looking for non-tourist (or less-tourist) places, I’m sure you’ll find some secret spots or hidden gems that will transform your holiday into a unique experience (and will save you money for your next trip).  


We all know the very famous (and great) quote: Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, and it’s one of my strictest rules when I’m traveling myself. As beautiful and tempting as a seashell might look at the beach, leave it there because even if it’s a teeny-tiny part of the ecosystem, it is a part of the ecosystem. What you can take though is trash! Collecting plastic during a beach cleanup is also eye-opening as you will detect everyday objects really soon, and it also shows you that a clean beach might not even be as clean when you take a second look. The feeling after freeing a beautiful place from trash is extremely rewarding, try it out! The responsibility to raise awareness and to maintain our beloved earth is up to all of us. 

Happy sustainable traveling to all of you! 

Love Lauri 

Laura Hock


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