How to Put an End to the Chaos

Laura Hock
How to Put an End to the Chaos

Aloha summer cleaners, 

We just launched our very first jewelry stand (yes, finally), and we couldn’t be more excited. I bet all jewelry addicts, Mahina Club subscribers, home clean heros & heroines (and Team PURELEI members – me included) have been wishing for it for a long time. 

In this blog post, I am going to introduce you to all our jewelry storage products as well as share a few tips on how to put an end to the (jewelry) chaos.

My personal tips & tricks when it comes to cleaning 

  • Ask yourself: Does this spark joy?

I am a huge admirer of Marie Kondo, the world-famous tidying expert, and the method she’s famous  for  literally changed my (tidying) life. It’s an easy question that helps detect what no longer serves you, and getting rid of negative energy in your home will not only help you clear your home, but your head too. 

  • One in, one out

Another easy rule to follow in order to stay in control of your possessions is to sort out one item in exchange for another. It will also save you money!  *Jewelry pieces excluded.

  • Get organizers 

With the right storage solutions, organizing your home can be so easy! By getting boxes and storage cases, you’ll not only keep an overview of your belongings, but also make sure you won’t lose your favorite items easily. Whether it is a jewelry tray perfect for decorating your home or PURELEI Advent Calendar add-ons, we have a wide variety of storage solutions to clean and Alohafy waiting for you to be discovered. 

The foldable travel case made of synthetic leather has a zipper and an embossed PURELEI logo. Store your jewelry safely and securely while traveling.

Organize and store your jewelry in a stylish and practical way in our jewelry organizers and jewelry boxes, both at home and while traveling.

What’s your go to strategy when making your home summer ready?

I can’t wait to read about your tips in the comments! 



Laura Hock


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  • L🌺

    Laura 🌺 on days ago

    Der Schmuckstander ist so wunderschön und ich find es so toll das es ihn in allen drei Farben gibt. Ich habe meinen ganzen Schmuck und den Kalender von 2020 organisiert und in den Kalender von 2021 mit den passenden Einsätzen. 🥰🌺

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