From Germany to Hawaii Part 2

Iris Hörner
Von Deutschland nach Hawaii Part 2

Our PURELEI Adventure in Hawaii:

In the second part of our travel blog, you will learn more about the cultural impressions of Romy, Kathrin, Lini, and Celine, their absolute highlights, and the conclusion of their Hawaii trip with PURELEI.

Fun Fact


The fun fact about the Hawaii trip is, I believe, clear to everyone. Each of us has "fallen in love," whether with the island, the jewelry, or simply with our girls' group.

The Island

Oahu is the third-largest island in Hawaii and a place where lush nature meets rich culture and a diverse population. It is known for its breathtaking landscapes with rugged mountain ranges and dreamy beaches, from the legendary waves of the North Shore to the calm waters of Waikiki. Hawaii is influenced by the culture of the indigenous people as well as the cultures of immigrants from Asia, America, and the Pacific region. That's why Hawaii is also known as the Rainbow State. Oahu is a vibrant center of Hawaiian culture and history, and its residents are known for their hospitality and Aloha spirit. They take pride in their traditions and the preservation of their natural and cultural treasures.

Through all the activities on the island, the girls gained diverse impressions of nature and the residents. They will tell you about it themselves:


I never imagined Hawaii to be so paradise-like and yet so American. All the people living there are incredibly friendly and open. You experience a completely different vibe. So relaxing.


I fell in love with the Aloha Vibe in Hawaii. If you haven't been there yourself and experienced the feeling of the island, you can't imagine what it's like. If I had to describe it, I would do it with love and warmth. Whether it's the people, the beaches, or simply nature.


The astonishing beauty of nature, mountains, plants, and trees, all in harmony with the island. Also, the sunrises and sunsets, beautiful golden moments.

Ohana = Family

On the last day of the trip, after breakfast, they went to the Botanical Garden. Visitors can walk through picturesque paths surrounded by majestic mountain scenery and natural ponds at the breathtaking Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden, whose name means "to create peace" in the Hawaiian language, while enjoying the serenity and beauty of diverse flora. The garden serves not only as a place of relaxation and learning but also as a sanctuary for endangered plant species, a true natural spectacle.

The Highlight: Glow Stand-up Paddling

On the evening of the last day, after some free time, they went for Glow Stand-up Paddling in Haleiwa. Here, the group paddled on boards towards the sunset. As it got dark, the bottom of the boards lit up, illuminating the underwater world below. This was an indescribably beautiful experience for the travel group.


The Hawaii trip was crowned with the last evening and the Glow Stand-up Paddling excursion. You can't create so much magic. We paddled towards the sunset. We were accompanied by the starry sky and carried over the sea and a channel by a glowing board. Here too, I was overwhelmed by my emotions as turtles swam under our boards. Can someone pinch me? Did I really experience all of this?


The PURELEI Hawaii trip was a unique experience for me, one that I will cherish forever in my heart. The entire trip and every single moment were absolute highlights. The biggest and most beautiful moment was the Glowing Stand-up Paddling, when a turtle swam directly beneath the boards. My heart skipped a beat because it was so impressive. The boards lit up from below, the clear starry sky right above us.


My personal highlight was the SUP tour. We could see the turtles just inches away. Moreover, we could observe the underwater world at night through the lights under the board. It was unclear whether one should admire the incredibly beautiful underwater world or the clear stars in the sky.

Celine L.

During Glow Stand-up Paddling, we didn't just see one, but four or five turtles that swam so close to us that we could have touched them. But it wasn't just the turtles; the entire atmosphere made this adventure my absolute highlight. At sunset, we paddled out to sea with the stand-up paddles, which were illuminated from below, and onto a river. In the darkness, we could look perfectly through the clear water and admire the underwater world. To top it off, we layed on the board and watched the stars – we could even see the Milky Way.

Honu = Sea Turtle


The End of the Journey


Five days pass quickly, especially when you experience so many adventures, explore places, and gather impressions. But how will our four winners remember their Hawaii trip with PURELEI? Here, you can read the conclusions of the four girls:


A part of me will always carry a bit of "Aloha" within myself and try to share it with my loved ones. But what I'm most excited about is that I got to know a part of PURELEI, what actually stands behind the brand, and that every piece of jewelry carries a bit of the island's vibe. I am super happy that I got to experience all of this. I will never forget it and share it forever.

Celine L.

What have I learned from this? The entire underwater world depends on us appreciating and protecting it so it can continue to exist. Something the Hawaiians place a lot of value on! Their nature is sacred to them. This mindfulness toward nature and fellow humans also embodies the Aloha spirit. We experienced the same spirit from Jenni, Laura, and PURELEI to 1000%. So much was made possible for us, and it couldn't be repaid with any gesture or thank you. I never expected that Hawaii would impress me so profoundly. But this entire island radiates something that words cannot describe – it leaves you speechless. Massive mountains, breathtaking beaches, and an incredible skyline of skyscrapers – this diversity is truly incredible. Hawaii has won my heart, and I hope to return someday!


It's really hard to put all the events and experiences into words. Everything was so special and will be stored deep in my heart. I take with me the happy lifestyle and endless gratitude for the future. Mahalo to everyone for the organization and the loving togetherness. PURELEI has been a part of me for years, and now it will forever remain a part of me.


My fun fact: I'm less clumsy and much calmer in Hawaii than in Germany. My friends and family probably wouldn't have recognized me. What I take home with me is definitely the serenity that the island exudes. I will always remember this trip, and when I need more peace in everyday life, I will think back to it.


A hui hou = Goodbye/See you soon

Even the most exciting trips eventually come to an end, but all the participants of this special journey will take many memories of the beautiful time home with them and carry a piece of the Aloha spirit in their hearts. 

We say Mahalo and A hui hou!

Iris Hörner


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