Y2K Styles With Aloha Vibes

Chiara Lippke
Y2K Styles With Aloha Vibes

The 00s are back – and even low-rise jeans are trying a comeback (please nooo). But the good thing is that the fun, colorful, and glittering jewelry styles are back, too! Y2K styles are the trend of the year. Everything from sparkling butterflies, colorful flowers, and big hoop earrings is what we want. Styling fun with a little bit of nostalgia lies ahead of you. Millennials can now wear these pieces with a bit more class than in their teenage years and Gen Z – they’re already in the game as they’re the ones who brought it back. 

In my opinion we shouldn’t bring back all trends from the 2000s – see low-rise jeans, thin eyebrows, or wearing dresses/skirts on top of jeans (just HOW did this become fashionable?!). But I’m all in when it comes to bringing back the fun, bold, and colorful jewelry trend. As the iconic Paris Hilton would say: that’s hot. Luckily, PURELEI has everything you need to give your look desireable Y2K vibes. 


Who doesn’t love flowers and butterflies? They were everywhere when it came to fashion in the 2000s. We’re more than happy to welcome back the cute butterflies and flower designs in our jewelry box. Jewelry with floral or butterfly designs radiates happy vibes and adds a playful note to every look. How to perfect your Y2K look? Bedazzled butterfly or flower jewelry – yes, please! 


The more colors, the better! Looking back at the colorful beaded bracelets and smiley necklaces we’ve worn in the 2000s is fun, but we can do better today. Everything with colorful beads and pearls is welcome. When I look at these jewelry pieces they give me instant summer and vacation vibes. How about you? Combine them with flashy colors or with some basic pieces to create looks that fit your style perfectly, but are also on-trend. 


Rhinestones were found everywhere in the 00s: on jeans, t-shirts, bags, joggers, underwear – and jewelry of course. So don’t be shy and add some sparkling gemstones – or “bling” as it was called –  to your everyday look. Our Ibiza Belly Chain might also be the perfect addition to your summer styles. 
Even though we are used to elegantly styling gemstone jewelry, you can easily change that by combining them, e.g. with some colorful pieces or a butterfly design, to give it a more playful direction. 


Hoops were never out of style, but they’re coming back to their 2000s high. Big hoop earrings create a bold style that’s feminine and powerful. J.Lo, Rihanna, and Britney – all 00s icons rocked oversized hoop earrings and now it’s your turn. Make hoops great again!

Let the fun begin! Jump on the Y2K trend wagon and create styles inspired by the 2000s. Which trend pieces are your favorites? Check out our collection of Y2K jewelry styles and have fun – because that’s what this trend is all about. 

To also bring back the slang from these days: peace out! 

PS: Scroll a little further to shop the jewelry styles from the pictures. 🌺

Chiara Lippke


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