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Chiara Lippke
PURELEI Pop-Up Store

Something super exciting happened last Friday: After months of planning and organizing, we’ve opened the PURELEI Pop-Up Store in Mannheim! Team PURELEI has been working super hard to bring this project to life, and it was all worth it.

The team has been working, decorating, and fine-tuning until the very last minute before the pre-opening event with some partners and creators. At the official opening at 4 PM, PURELEI’s co-founder Alisa proudly welcomed everyone, including goodie bags and snacks. So many of you came by and even waited in line to visit our store. We couldn’t believe it and our hearts are full of love for our supporting PURELEI community! Alisa was super thrilled to see and talk to all of you. You made it a day to remember – for Alisa and Team PURELEI.

It has been Alisa’s dream to open a shop like she has seen at the beaches of Hawaii, with beautiful jewelry, clothes, and home decor filled with pure Aloha vibes. By opening the PURELEI Pop-Up Store in her hometown Mannheim, she’s one step closer to her dream beach shop. With this store, we want to spread even more Aloha vibes – it’s our goal to make your visit an unforgettable shopping experience. Plus, you can see some of our favorite jewelry pieces, new clothes, and other products live and fall in love with them. 


So if you are in Mannheim, we’d be more than happy if you swing by and say hi:
PURELEI Pop-Up Store
Seckenheimer Strasse 29 
68165 Mannheim 

Opening hours:
Thursdays and Fridays 4 PM - 8 PM
Saturdays 12 PM - 8 PM


Make sure to come by in the next couple of weeks, as the pop-up shop will be closed on December 23, 2022. After that, we’ll start working on the next step, as our founders are planning on opening a shop & café in this location – so stay tuned for more.

Hope to see you there!



Chiara Lippke


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  • CvP

    Chiara von PURELEI am days ago

    Aloha liebe Jennifer, wir freuen uns sehr über Dein Interesse! Fülle doch einfach dieses Formular aus und unser zuständiges Team wird sich bei Dir melden: https://purelei.com/pages/wholesale-anfrage Viele Grüße

  • JW

    Jennifer Wefers am days ago

    Hallöchen, Wir betreiben einen kleinen Schmuckladen und würden gerne Purelei bei uns anbieten. Ist das irgendwie möglich? Ganz Liebe Grüße🥰🥰

  • CvP

    Chiara von PURELEI am days ago

    Aloha Tanja, danke für Dein Interesse daran, einen PURELEI Pop-up Store zu besuchen. Im Moment gibt es jedoch leider keinen Pop-up Store von uns. Liebe Grüße, Chiara

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